03 May 2019

Joan Cornella's "Keep It Real" on Juxtapoz

Keep it Real! is an anthological exhibition that aims to present the unique dark and unsettling irony of the internationally renowned Catalan artist and cartoonist. Back to New York for the second time (and the first in two years), his bold and direct message is sharply addressed through a very recognizable, naive and simplistic visual style, that tends to soften the very delicate themes debated. With no shame or fear to offend the viewer, Cornella insists in depicting surreal macabre situations, always strongly connected with the latest society issues, where the characters cynically, but always cheerfully, do what should never be done. With his approach the artist attempt to unsettle the status quo in the art world, primarily by referencing contemporary social conditions and sensibilities on a global scale, trying to show the essence of our current culture.

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