05 Mar 2017

"Interferences" on ArteIn

Nadia Costantini and Sandi Renko

Sandi, a er your solo exhibi on at Studio GR in Sacile, for you the year 2017 opens with the exhibi on called “Interferences: Contemporary Op Art”, running from February to April. Together with your works, the exhibi on gathers art works
by Nadia Costan ni, Felipe Pantone and Gilbert Hsiao. How do you think the American public will receive your work? Given the present general increase in value of geometric abstrac on, I would say that the American palate has now learned to taste this kind of art; many young people take on this language, interpre ng it di erently; they recover and modulate it using informa on technologies.

I already know that you know Nadia very well; what do you think of your American

adventuring companions?

I will not conceal the fact that I was charmed by Felipe Pantone’s expressive energy; I even envy his transgressive immodesty, which takes me back a few years.

In Gilbert Hsiao, instead, I nd a heart breaking minimalism and a rigour somehow closer to my/our language.
How do you interpret the curator’s choice of ar sts and subjects? How does your work assimilate into this context?
The common ground is clearly a sort of shared alphabet that each of us uses
and combines di erently, expressing his own personality. Interest stems from the comparability provided by the creators and curators of the exhibi on.

Are there any a ni es with Nadia Costan ni’s work?
Nadia and I somehow belong to the same school. As in the case of my ar s c research, there is a close connec on between Costan ni’s three-dimensional and graphic works.

This is an extraordinarily happy me for you. How do you interpret this period and what would you expect from year 2017?
I believe apprecia on stems mainly from the outcomes of the turn my chroma c researches recently took. Then, I met gallerists who believe in my work enough to include it in their 2017 exhibi ons

in Vienna, Milan, Verona, and on other pres gious occasions I dare not men on for good luck.

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