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20 Sep 2016

Harmony Runs On A Thread, Emilio Cavallini at GR gallery by Farrah Sarafa

Harmony Runs On A Thread, Emilio Cavallini at GR gallery

Curated by Giovanni Granzotto and Alberto Pasini is a sublime exhibit of twenty-five works by Emilio Cavallini—a designer, weaver, and mathematician, who never leaves his masterpieces to chance. In the manner of Da-Vinci, Emilio sketches, plans, and locks precision into a program prior to launching into a three-dimensional frenzy. Very much like Karl Lagerfield, Cavellini weaves nylon hosiery into sensational fractals, whose every angle-to-space convex enact a precise mathematical formula; Chanel does the same but through tweed. Rigorously organized grids supply potential momentums with vertigo effects that mesmerize.Emilio began with stockings in the 60’s. ‘The stocking is the frozen image of a body that moves or could move; it is a fragment, synecdoche, a part of a whole’ (Barzini 68)*. Erecting bifurcated images on the side, hosiery remained the primary canvas through which his affinity for mathematics flourish. He would only later make his magnificent tapestries accessible to the public.

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