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19 Oct 2016

David R. Prentice in NY ART BEAT

David R. Prentice in NY ART BEAT

GR gallery is proud to announce a solo exhibition of the American artist David R. Prentice, featuring 25 of his minimalist abstract paintings from the past 5 years. On view will be paintings from his “Veils”, “Clouds”, and “Stardust” series with one painting from his early Minimalist phase in the 60s. In addition to this, Prentice will be unveiling his latest series “Out Of The Blue,” inspired by his late wife. This exhibition focuses on the artist’s expert and subtle use of color in his paintings.

Curated by GR gallery’s director Alberto Pasini and Lanny Powers, the exhibition’s fully illustrated catalogue presents an essay by Lanny Powers.

Beginning in 1964 with his first artistic output, the “White Series”, David R. Prentice started his career with abstract Minimalist paintings that “operated on the edge of perception”. Switching gears, the artist dove into realistic landscape paintings in the 80s. After a long and successful career with landscapes, he has revisited Minimalism with the colorful yet subtly moving pieces on view at GR gallery. These most recent works invite the viewer to contemplate how the colors move and blend seamlessly to create a dreamlike composition. The artist’s use of fundamental colors reduced to their palest tone lends the paintings an air of mystery and iridescence, rendering the dynamic effect of changing hues relative to light. David R. Prentice’s return to abstract Minimalism, manifested in his Veils, Clouds and Stardust series, offers a meditative and engaging experience

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