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30 Nov 2016


Soft Tension

First solo exhibition on Optical and Kinetic artist Sandi Renko at GR gallery – Italy. Viale Zancanaro 44 – 33077 Sacile PN

Opening on December 17 2016 and running until February 10 2017 this show is featuring 40 Artworks from the late 60’s till nowadays.

Renko’s modus operandi is usually to set up a work surface of corrugated cardboard that has been treated with acrylic colors, using solid geometric structures with seemingly elementary patterns based on a cube motif. The modular development of space is treated with methodological rigor, offering the viewer variable sequences that are reduced to essential visual elements, where vertical lines, legible from several angles, bring life to the images.
The works of Sandi Renko use simple lines that vary in length and thickness, creating volumetric effects that take on kinesthetic characteristics when observed from different viewpoints. As happens in nature, the subjects become modulated phenomena of geometric structures that change according to elementary patterns. Adhering to the neo-avante-garde spirit that developed in Italy in the 1960s, Sandi Renki elaborates his personal visual and architectural lexicon, experimenting with perceptive and multisensory variables, and diversifying light effects.

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