12 Jul 2016

Last Chance "Franco Costalonga: Revolution" at GR gallery

New York, 7/11/2016 LAST CHANCE -GR gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the Italian artist and kinetic and op art innovator Franco Costalonga. On view, thirty of his works from the Seventies until today, including his best known series “Oggetti Cromocinetici”, “Riflex”, “Gradienti di Luminosità” and “Mokubi”. The exhibition will focus on the artist’s most kinetic works, powered by motors and illuminated by light bulbs, such as “Riflex” and “Oggetti Cromocinetici”.

(Exhibition Dates: May 27– July 17, 2016)

About the artist: Franco Costalonga (b.Venice, 1933). In 1965 he joined the Dialettica delle Tendenze group and started employing different materials in the attempt to create new surfaces that could generate three-dimensional forms. His research brought him to Bruno Munari‘s Sette-Veneto group (linked to Brescia’s Centro Operativo Sincron). Costalonga was thus able to thoroughly develop his interest in kinetic and visual effects. In 1969 Peggy Guggenheim acquired for her collection Costalonga’s work Sphere, made of Perspex and chromium metal. The artist has been the recipient of many awards for his work in the fields of furnishings and design and has taken part in many national and international art shows among which: the 1966 Quadriennale of Rome, the itinerant exhibition of The Arts Council of Great Britain, the 1970 Venice Biennale, the exhibition Grands et Jeunes d’aujourd’hui – Art cinetique Peinture-Sculpture at the Grand Palais of Paris in 1972, the Internationale Kunstmesse-Art5, Base in1974l. In 1978 he founded the group Verifica 8+1, focusing on concrete and structural art. In the 1980s and 1990s he took part in several Venice Biennales. The artist currently lives in Venice.

About GR gallery:
Founded in the mid-seventies by Italian art critic Giovanni Granzotto in Sacile, Italy, Studio d’Arte GR has been specializing in Kinetic, Op and Programmed Art; its US branch, GR gallery, continues its mission in North America.

Visitor Information:  Tue- Sat 12:00pm – 7:00pm;

Contact/ Press enquiries:  Eva Zanardi at GR gallery ezanardi@gr-gallery.com

Image: Franco Costalonga “Lente Cromocinetica” , 1970, ø 100 cm, 39.37 in.



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