18 Nov 2017

Marco Casentini

Exhibition at Bocconi University

A Trip with Marco Casentini to Bocconi Art Gallery 2017


A journey into the art of Marco Casentini, but also a journey into the theme of the journey. In the seventh edition of Bocconi Art Gallery, which will be inaugurated on November 13, there will be a personal exhibition of the artist curated by the critic Federico Sardella. The exhibition, which will remain in Bocconi until December 22, exhibits a large wall painting of thirty meters plus twelve paintings. It represents the second stage of an exhibition tour that began in August at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster (California) will end in February at the Reggia di Caserta, curated by Luca Palermo.

“In ‘Drive In’ there is the memory of the journey,” says Marco Casentini. “It’s a way to enter my art and follow the outlines and feelings, the exhibition space becomes the place where the spectator can perceive the emotions I shared. But at the same time, since all my works refer to places or travel experiences, ‘Drive In’ is also a metaphorical reflection on the subject of being in another place. ”

In each of the venues where it is set up, “the show develops with different exhibition criteria dictated by each space, holding as a common denominator the on-site realization of a mural painting that deals with the works exhibited. In the case of the exhibition in Caserta, there is also of a floor colored with resins, made in an exhibition hall, “continues Casentini.

At Lancaster, where the show was curated by MOAH’s director, Andi Campognone, the artist modified a Fiat 500 with his typical colorful pattern and exhibited paintings done on reflecting metal that resemble the ca’s body. “For BAG, a large 30-meter wall painting will be realized and there will be 7 paintings in acrylic and perspex on canvas plus 5 paintings on perspex and aluminum.”

07 Jul 2017

Alberto Biasi, Sara Campesan e gli amici di Verifica 8+1

Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa

GR gallery is proud to announce the participation of

Alberto Biasi

Franco Costalonga

Nadia Costantini

Sandi Renko

Claudio Rotta Loria

to Venice 57th Biennale in the occasion of  ‘Alberto Biasi, Sara Campesan, Bruno Munari e gli amici di Verifica 8+1’, ongoing from July 28 to October 8 at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice.


27 Jun 2017


Catalogue Launch

On July 2oth from 6:00 to 9:00 GR gallery will celebrate the exhibition “Interstellaris”, with a closing event and the presentation of the exhibition catalogue.


19 Jan 2017


Contemporary Art Fair - Bologna - January 26-30

GR gallery will exhibit  at the Contemporary Art Fair ARTEFIERA di Bologna.

January 26-30  2017,  quartiere Fieristico di Bologna, entrance Ovest Costituzione.

“Main Section”, Booth B69, Hall 25

artista exhibited:

Tommaso Bet
Alberto Biasi
Sergio Collussa
Franco Costalonga
Nadia Costantini
Carlos Cruz Diez
Mario Deluigi
Marcello DeAngelis
Ulrich Erben
Mara Fabbro
Riccardo Licata
Julio Le Parc
Gino Morandis
Felipe Pantone
Alberto Pasqual
David R. Prentice
Sandi Renko
Pierluigi Slis
Jorrit Tornquist
Emilio Vedova

30 Nov 2016


Soft Tension

First solo exhibition on Optical and Kinetic artist Sandi Renko at GR gallery – Italy. Viale Zancanaro 44 – 33077 Sacile PN

Opening on December 17 2016 and running until February 10 2017 this show is featuring 40 Artworks from the late 60’s till nowadays.

Renko’s modus operandi is usually to set up a work surface of corrugated cardboard that has been treated with acrylic colors, using solid geometric structures with seemingly elementary patterns based on a cube motif. The modular development of space is treated with methodological rigor, offering the viewer variable sequences that are reduced to essential visual elements, where vertical lines, legible from several angles, bring life to the images.
The works of Sandi Renko use simple lines that vary in length and thickness, creating volumetric effects that take on kinesthetic characteristics when observed from different viewpoints. As happens in nature, the subjects become modulated phenomena of geometric structures that change according to elementary patterns. Adhering to the neo-avante-garde spirit that developed in Italy in the 1960s, Sandi Renki elaborates his personal visual and architectural lexicon, experimenting with perceptive and multisensory variables, and diversifying light effects.

09 Nov 2016

Arte Padova - 2016

Contemporary Art Fair in Padua - Italy

GR gallery is proud to announce its participation to the 27th Edition of Arte Padova – 2016
Booth 196 – Pav. 7
Via Niccolò Tommaseo ENTRANCE TO PAV. 7 and 1
Park Nord Via Rismondo, Gate L: ENTRANCE TO PAV. 8

November 11 – 13 10.00 to 8.00
Monday Nov. 14 – 10.00 to 1.00

Opening Reception:
November 10 6:00 to 9:00

20 Aug 2016

Berliner Liste 2016 - Contemporary Art Fair

15 - 18 Sept 2016, Kraftwerk, Köpenicker Straße 70, Berlin

GR gallery is pleased to announce its participation to Berliner Liste Art Fair.

We will be located at booth G25, with an exhibition project dedicated to artists Tommaso Bet, Marcello De Angelis, Mara Fabbro and Pierluigi Slis.

Exhibition Venue: Kraftwerk Berlin, Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

Exhibition dates and Opening Hours: Thursday, September 15th to Sunday, September 18th, 2016
Opening: Wednesday, September 14th 2016, 6 pm.  Thursday – Saturday: 1 pm to 9 pm
Sunday, September 18th: 11 am to 7 pm

14 Jul 2016


Harmony Runs On A Thread

New York, 7/12/16 – GR gallery is pleased to present “Emilio Cavallini: Harmony Runs On A Thread”, artist Emilio Cavallini’s first solo show at GR gallery. Given the artist’s fame as an innovator in fashion design, the exhibition will start on September 8 2016 in conjunction with the beginning of New York Fashion Week. Spanning over three decades of his career, the retrospective will feature twenty-five of his works, including his best known series Attuale-Infinito, Biforcazioni, Frattali and Diagrammi.

The exhibition is curated by GR gallery’s founder Giovanni Granzotto and its director, Alberto Pasini. The exhibition’s fully illustrated catalogue presents an essay by Giovanni Granzotto.


Throughout his creatively innovative career, Emilio Cavallini has seamlessly weaved fashion and fine art together, two worlds that have in turn benefitted greatly from his contributions. Beginning in 1970 with his founding of Stilnovo, a fashion company that has made a lasting effect on the textile industry, Cavallini unleashed his creative expression with thread, printed fabrics, and textiles through his art as well as through his journey in the fashion world.

Only a few years ago in 2010, Emilio decided to dedicate himself solely to his art.

In February 2011, at the Triennale Expo in Milan, Emilio showed his work to the public for the first time.

Cavallini comments: “At the age of sixty, the time had come to make up lost time (let me be clear: I never waste my time but during the years of the great “tra la la” with fashion, I had limited it, circumscribed it within the sphere of pure family and entrepreneurial duty).”

Cavallini’s artwork is characterized by free experimentation under the influence of op and kinetic art, abstract constructivism, and spatialism. His thread and fabrics are the uniting force of his artistic output. Through his use of unconventional materials (designed and produced by the artist throughout the years) like thread over a mannequin leg and yarn spools, he journeys to discover relationships between chaos/disorder and organization and placement. In his own words, “I was breaking down barriers, going beyond the limits of censorship.” His geometric patterns (squares, circles, rectangles, dots, lines, etc.) accurately present as though put together through precise calculations in a process of experimentation and organized disorder. The combination of brilliant colors, dizzying patterns, and repetitive rhythm almost paradoxically create great unity. With thread and printed fabric stretched over yarn spools in complex arrangements, we are struck not only by intricate designs and shapes but also by the beautiful tension of thread, a subtle force that comes through in all his works. His art is rife with metaphors of weaving, pushing, and pulling- the literal weaving of thread and the conceptual weaving of art and design. His rhythmic push and pull of fabric not only catches but holds the eye.



Opening reception:  Thursday September 8,  2016,  6:00pm 9:00pm

(Exhibition Dates:  September 8 – October 9, 2016)

12 Jul 2016

Last Chance "Franco Costalonga: Revolution" at GR gallery

New York, 7/11/2016 LAST CHANCE -GR gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the Italian artist and kinetic and op art innovator Franco Costalonga. On view, thirty of his works from the Seventies until today, including his best known series “Oggetti Cromocinetici”, “Riflex”, “Gradienti di Luminosità” and “Mokubi”. The exhibition will focus on the artist’s most kinetic works, powered by motors and illuminated by light bulbs, such as “Riflex” and “Oggetti Cromocinetici”.

(Exhibition Dates: May 27– July 17, 2016)

About the artist: Franco Costalonga (b.Venice, 1933). In 1965 he joined the Dialettica delle Tendenze group and started employing different materials in the attempt to create new surfaces that could generate three-dimensional forms. His research brought him to Bruno Munari‘s Sette-Veneto group (linked to Brescia’s Centro Operativo Sincron). Costalonga was thus able to thoroughly develop his interest in kinetic and visual effects. In 1969 Peggy Guggenheim acquired for her collection Costalonga’s work Sphere, made of Perspex and chromium metal. The artist has been the recipient of many awards for his work in the fields of furnishings and design and has taken part in many national and international art shows among which: the 1966 Quadriennale of Rome, the itinerant exhibition of The Arts Council of Great Britain, the 1970 Venice Biennale, the exhibition Grands et Jeunes d’aujourd’hui – Art cinetique Peinture-Sculpture at the Grand Palais of Paris in 1972, the Internationale Kunstmesse-Art5, Base in1974l. In 1978 he founded the group Verifica 8+1, focusing on concrete and structural art. In the 1980s and 1990s he took part in several Venice Biennales. The artist currently lives in Venice.

About GR gallery:
Founded in the mid-seventies by Italian art critic Giovanni Granzotto in Sacile, Italy, Studio d’Arte GR has been specializing in Kinetic, Op and Programmed Art; its US branch, GR gallery, continues its mission in North America.

Visitor Information:  Tue- Sat 12:00pm – 7:00pm;

Contact/ Press enquiries:  Eva Zanardi at GR gallery

Image: Franco Costalonga “Lente Cromocinetica” , 1970, ø 100 cm, 39.37 in.



01 Jun 2016

The Solo Project, Contemporary Art Fair, Basel 13 - 18

Alberto Biasi - Jorrit Tornquist

GR gallery is pleased to announce its participation to The Solo Project Art Fair.

Presenting the work of artist Alberto Biasi and Jorrit Tornquist in booth A 20

Preview: Mon, June 13, 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm
Public vernissage:  Mon, June 13, 3.00 to 7.00 pm

Tue, June 14 to Sat, June 18, 2016, 10.00 am to 8.00 pm

Dreispitzhalle, Helsinki-Strasse 5, Basel/Münchenstein (Dreispitz-Areal)

09 Feb 2016

Jorrit Tornquist

e altre geometrie del colore

Group exhibition running from February 6 to April 3 in Museum of Villa Brandolini, located at Piazza Libertà n. 7, Pieve di Soligo, Italy. The show is focused on artist Jorrit Tornquist and displays 40 artworks from the early sixties to nowadays. Furthermore the exhibition shows works from 6 other artists that dedicated their research to the color: Josef Albers, Max Bill, Hugo Demarco, Kuno Gonschior, Ulrich Erben and Marco Casentini

11 Dec 2015

Dynamic spaces

Marcello De Angelis - Claudio Rotta Loria

Marcello De Angelis and Claudio Rotta Loria “double” personal exhibition, opening on the 12 of December and running through February 6 2016 at Studio d’Arte Gr, Viale Zancanaro 44 – Sacile – Italy

Curated by Giovanno Granzotto and Alberto Pasini the exhibitions displays over 40 artworks, from the late ’60s to nowadays; it is mainly focused on the latest production of Marcello de Angelis and on the series superfici ad interferenza luminosa and spazializzazioni di forme elementari by Claudio Rotta Loria catalogue available at the gallery

04 Sep 2015


allo studio gr

Franco Costalonga solo exhibition, opening on the 13 of September and running through November 15 at Studio d’Arte Gr, Viale Zancanaro 44 – Sacile – Italy

Curated by Giovanno Granzotto the show displays 32 artworks from the late ’60s to nowadays, including the most representative series of the artist: Oggetti Cromocinetici, Oggetti Quadro and Riflex, focusing on the “Boîtes”, artworks animated by engine and light.

catalogue available at the gallery

12 Aug 2015


the orphic series

August 23 – September 20, the exhibition takes place in the refined Museum of Villa Brandolini, Piazza libertà 7, Pieve di Soligo – Italy. Curated by Giovanni Granzotto and Alberto Pasini, catalogue edited by Vianello Publishing. Opening event: August 22nd at 6:30 pm.

This show put together about 40 artworks among paintings and installations. The exhibition is divided into three parts , each one displays a different series of artworks brought on by Tommaso Bet from 2008 till nowadays. The first one exhibits a series of portraits, the second a group of creative contamination of immaginary animals and post industrial machinery, and the third one a series of semi-abstract paintings nicknamed “Landscapes”.

04 Jun 2015


the perfection of light

This exhibition, held at Gr Gallery Italy, put on show over 40 artworks among paintings, sculptures and installation, conceived by historical optical artists Nadia Costantini and Rino Sernaglia. What brings together the creativity of these artists is a particular research based on the unicity of the light. The viewer will have the chance to admire two different ways to interpret artistically the light .

11 Feb 2014


MAC, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago de Chile

March 19 – May 31

This exhibition brings together 20 selected works by each artist, executed between the beginning of the sixties and the present day. This is a unique chance to see the justaxposition between two essential contemporary art Masters: Alberto Biasi and Jorrit Tornquist.
2017 ® GR gallery