23 Jul - 22 Aug

"Summer Gathering"

Group Show

GR Gallery is  delivering a special treat for this summer with a multifaceted group show that will satisfy all art lovers appetites. “Summer Gathering” is bringing together 14 visionary artists to display brand new works that were specifically made for this exhibition. Featuring a total of 28 artworks, the exhibition is meant to embrace the artistic background and unique craftsmanship of each individual artist.

Opening Thursday July 23, at 2:00-7:00 PM (Exhibition Dates: July 24– August 22, 2020). Members of the press can contact GR gallery in advance to schedule a private viewing and an interview with the artists. The exhibition will be open to the public, no appointment needed, limited capacity of 12 visitors at a time, face covering and social distance is required to enter the gallery.

GR Gallery, 255 Bowery (between Houston & Stanton) New York, NY 10002 | gallery hours: Wed – Sat 12:00 – 6:00 pm

info@gr-gallery.com | tel: +1 212 273 2900.

“Summer Gathering” aims to highlight each artists unique presence to the art world. Blasting through a variety of genres, the exhibition will gather inspiration from around the world into one space to showcase a vast majority of experience and visuality that will sure leave the viewers in awe. From American Pop, Hyperrealism, Contemporary, and Abstraction, the different form of displays will also post different visual appeals to create an outline of unique story-telling. An atmosphere to portray a vast difference of textures and tones, each work of art will give each artist a chance to depict their own style that will flow congruently with the base of the exhibition.

Shun Sudo (b. 1977), based in Tokyo, has been deeply influenced by American pop culture from a young age and has spent his 20s traveling around the United States. When he returned home to Japan in his early 30s, he began working on paintings that reference his creative roots both in Japanese culture and the contemporary street culture of Western life. A

Steven Carpenter is an emerging artist based in Austin Texas, working primarily in oils. His paintings explore existential curiosity, identity, spirituality, worldview, and subjectivity, typically with an absurdist twist. Aesthetically, his work balances a juxtaposition of old master inspired indirect painting techniques with 3D sculpted digital references.

Jay Young, a Virginia Beach native, expresses his love for his works: “Currently, I’m obsessed with portraiture work. I like to manipulate values and the form of the face with palette swabs of colorful paint, resin pours, and blocking off sections with abstract designs. It’s definitely unique, but not new with portraiture”

New Jersey-based artist Erik Minter makes paintings that bridge abstraction into a surreal figuration. With a long career working in commercial design, it was natural for him to draw and paint digitally from the start, manipulating photographs from his own physical painting swatches into his digital originals where colors push saturation. Today, Minter returns to paint and the physical surface allowing him to express an emotion and what he is most curious about in life.

Reko Rennie is an interdisciplinary artist who explores his Aboriginal identity through contemporary media. Through his art, Rennie provokes discussion surrounding Indigenous culture and identity in contemporary urban environments. Largely autobiographical, his commanding works combine the iconography of his Kamilaroi heritage with stylistic elements of graffiti.

David Lyle, his paintings are inspired by found photographs. He makes a collage from found photos and then use the college as a reference to paint from and uses only black paint on a white gessoed panel. Most of his subject matter in the paintings are satirical commentaries of things going on in or around his life.

Finnish artist SAMI (also known as Sami Korkiakoski, b. 1978) works with large scale paintings in which he explores line, rhythm and feeling, taking the line to a whole new level. He has exhibited widely across Finland and internationally. His work resides in numerous public collections such as Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Sara Hildén Art Museum, Salo Art Museum, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art and Kuopio Art Museum.

Peter (Pixel) Chan works in the animation industry as a concept artist and is a neighbor to the shop and gallery. His recent body of works captures his plein air art in a style that’s his own. The brush strokes are tedious and at the same time appear blocky. The colors are pastel and light, but capture sensitive moments.

Arthur Kwon Lee is a Korean American painter whose gestural mark making harmonizes expressive color palettes with world mythologies. His work has won awards from George Washington University, the Korean Artists Association, the Corcoran Gallery of Art and most recently the inaugural title of ‘Artist of the Year’ by the Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation.

Kenz’s works are mostly influenced with the stages of dreaming with conscious/unconscious state of minds, which are expressed through a palette of soft tones with bold round line works and shapes which Kenz is attracted to as he believes they represent dynamic expression well, on a variety of surfaces and sizes.

Born in Harlem, NY Kip Omolade began his art career as a graffiti artist while interning at Marvel Comics and The Center for African Art. He continued his studies at The Art Students League of New York and earned a BFA at the School of Visual Arts. His work has been exhibited at Opera Gallery, Jonathan LeVine Projects, Joseph Gross Gallery and Art Basel Miami.

Adama Abib Nanguin Coulibaly  Originally from Cote d’Ivoire, Adama arrived in the US less than six years ago. He attended the Refugee Youth Summer Academy (RYSA) and then enrolled into 9th grade at Brooklyn International High School. He and his mom participated in the Academic Coaching program, and a few years later, Adama became a “Leader in Training”

Tide, IDETA TSUHIRO, was born in Japan in 1984 and he has been active since 2009, mastering the black and white art production first with pencil drawing and then evolving to acrylic paint technique, lately his subject are focused on cats depicted in a sort of dreamy limbo between two-dimensional and three-dimensional intersect.

Mark Arajuo is multidisciplinary artist mostly focused on sculpture, and states his approach to art as follows:verything is relevant in art and when I facilitate I like to create an environment of freedom, where there are no rules, this, I believe, helps empower people to understand their human wealth, their capability to pursue whatever they desire.


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