23 Feb - 16 Apr


Contemporary Op and Kinetic Art

What: GR Gallery is proud to present “Interferences: Contemporary Op and Kinetic Art”, a group show featuring several generations of artists whose works investigate & advance the discourse around pattern, optical & perceptual abstract painting. The exhibition will feature recent works by four innovative artists from Europe and America, including Felipe Pantone, Gilbert Hsiao, Nadia Costantini, and Sandi Renko.


When: Opening reception: Thursday February 23, 6:00pm – 9:00pm  (Exhibition Dates: Feb 23–April 16, 2017) Members of the press can contact GR gallery in advance to schedule a private viewing and/or an interview with the artists.


Where:  GR Gallery, 255 Bowery (btw Houston & Stanton) New York, NY 10002


Who: Felipe Pantone, Gilbert Hsiao, Nadia Costantini, and Sandi Renko

Why: As an art movement in the United States, Op-Art rose quickly in the early 1960s, peaked with “The Responsive Eye” exhibition at MOMA in 1965, and then faded within three years. Despite this, Op-Art has had a long afterlife and an outsized influence on visual art, architecture & design. In Europe and South America, it emerged in the early 1950s, and has enjoyed an uninterrupted, if at times understated life since that time. On both sides of the ocean, it has had a long and outsized influence on visual art, architecture & design. In the last few years, exhibitions featuring Op-Art have been appearing in museums & galleries with increasing frequency. The “Interferences” exhibition investigates Op-Art through the artistic output of four American & European artists and their mastery of the line and the exploration of pure color and form to create canvases of intense vibrancy and life out of simple geometric shapes. The exhibition’s primary compositional units are focused on line interference, geometrical shapes, reversible perspective and chromatic vibration.

GR gallery: Founded in the mid-seventies by Italian art critic Giovanni Granzotto in Sacile, Italy, Studio d’Arte GR has been specializing in Kinetic, Op and Programmed Art; its US branch, GR gallery, continues its mission in North America.
Contact/ Press enquiries:  Eva Zanardi at GR gallery ezanardi@gr-gallery.com

Image: Felipe Pantone, “Optichromie 62”, 2016, enamel on wood panel, 47.24X47.24 in.



Visitor Information:  Tue- Sat 12:00pm – 7:00pm

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