2020 ® GR gallery

Born in Seoul, Yoon Hyup is an artist based in New York City. His works are influenced by skateboarding, improvisation music and urban culture. He combines these inspirations with individual lines and dots, using a freehand-style, and creates his own unique abstract paintings. From gallery exhibitions, public art projects to collaborations with brands (Nike, HUF, Medicom, Cinelli, Rag & Bone, Universal Music and more), Yoon Hyup interacts with a broader audience. Today, his work is exhibited globally in cities like New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong and San Sebastián.

Many traditional Korean forms, such as vine clouds and wind clouds, surface in my paintings. I often paint with the five colors associated with my native country – red, blue, yellow, black and white. It is my homage to my heritage. It is how I honor my roots.

2020 ® GR gallery