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Tommaso Bet (Maniago, 1980)



After a diploma as graphic designer from the Art College of Vittorio Veneto, he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Later he becomes the youngest member ever to take part in the historical association of Engravers Venetians, led by the eminent critic Giorgio Trentin.

During this period, Bet’s work focuses on the arts of etching. Watching closely the broken bridges which are represented in several large incisions, a reflection of this new millennium is perceived.

The futility of a no longer functional structure standing as aesthetic feature.

The building itself looking as a monument. The broken rhythm of the pylons, intended as interruption of materialistic positivism. A postmodern Babylon poetics, which is still revealed in the today’s works of Bet.

In 2008 he moves from Venice to Zurich where he get in contact with a cultural environment still carrying that northern Europe graphic tradition which inspired him so much during the academic training.



Combining the discipline of painting, with the principles of graphic design and that scratchy materiality evoked by etching printmaking, Bet began to conceive that mix of techniques that today is his modus operandi, giving rise to the production of his first large size paintings series of this kind. The scratched paint applied with the palette knife found the soul of this artworks, large faces and abstract landscapes, where principles of black and white etchings combine the use of colored material. In 2011 Bet moves to London where he continue his art production, realizing large-scale portraits of young female androgynous models and also figurative paintings with subjects with strong 80’s and 90’s cyberpunk culture references.



In 2012 he began working with Giovanni Granzotto and GR Gallery.

Tommaso Bet’s artistic product have no limits about tecniques and mediums involved.

Etching and painting tecniques, sculpture tecniques, set designing and also music composing are all disciplines involved by Bet to create an unique mix of various channels of expression working together to compose the artwork.




“Their complexion is deeply furrowed and, judging by the masks they wear, there seems to be little left: a tangle of bloody excoriations, tendons and rotting flesh leaving marginal space for strips of still-intact skin…”

Alberto Pasini
2020 ® GR gallery