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Nadia Costantini (Mirano, 1944)



was born in Mirano (Venice). She studied Decorative Painting at the Istituto d’Arte in Venice under the guidance of Alessandro Pomaro, and at the Accademia di Belli Arti in Venice under Bruno Saetti and Carmelo Zotti. In the 1960s, her work was affected by informal abstract training, but in the following decade Costantini gradually left this and took a more rationalist direction, expressing optical dynamism through geometric elements. Thus were born three-dimensional works such as “Le Torsioni”, “Flussi di Superficie” and “I Fluttuanti”, a conseguent derivation of painting. Costantini has taught visual education, and since 1968 has focused on teaching pictorial disciplines at the Istituto d’Arte in Venice and and the Istituto d’Arte in Padova.

In 1969 and 1981, she exhibited at the Bevilacqua la Masa Gallery and in 1978, was among the founding members of the group “Verifica8+1” in Mestre (Venice), showing with the group in Turin, Brescia, Bergamo, Florence, Rome and Bologna.
Her exhibitions include: 2003 -“Presenze”, Verifica 8+1 (Venice-Mestre); 2006 – “Rosaforte”, Forte Carpenedo (Venice-Mestre), “ART Traverso 2”, showroom Gasperin Mel (Belluno), “Magmatica”, Barchessa di Villa Giustinian Morosini (Mirano-Venice); 2008 – “Astralia” performances, Pardes Workshop for Contemporary Research (Mirano-Venice), “Fluttuanti e Scansioni di Superficie”,  the Mogliano Room, Brolo Center for Art and Culture (Mogliano Veneto-Venice); 2009 – “l’Anima del Suono”, Pardes Workshop for Contemporary Research (Mirano-Venice); 2010 – “Arte Scienza Progetto Colore” (with Franco Costalonga), curated by Elsa Dezuanni and Giovanni Granzotto, Museo di Santa Caterina (Treviso); 2011 – “Arte Indifesa/In Difesa dell’Arte”, artists at Forte Mezzocapo Zelarino, curated by Angelo Zennaro (Mestre-Venice); 2012 – “Tessuto Non Tessuto”, curated by Dino Marangon, Mocenigo Museum, Center for the Study of Textiles and Costumes (Venice),  “L. Magli Ospite di…”, Illimite (Mestre-Venice), “Nadia Costantini: Arte Programmata”, curated by Duilio Dal Fabbro with text by Giovanni Granzotto and Alberto Pasini in collaboration with Studio GR, Sacile (PN), Municipal Gallery (Cappella Maggiore-Treviso).

“Costantini immerses the viewer in a magical setting, retro and at the same time hyper-contemporary, habitable and inconsistent, existing and breathing from this.”

Alberto Pasini
2020 ® GR gallery