2019 ® GR gallery

Mike Perry makes paintings, animation, sculptures, books, public art installations, monographs, exhibitions, drawings, silkscreens, and more. His creative purpose is to conjure that feeling of soul-soaring wonder you have when you stare into distant galaxies on a dark night, when you go on long journeys into the imagination, when you ponder what it is that this life is all about. In so doing, he celebrates form: of the human body, of shapes and lines that coalesce into lyrical masses, of the vastness of the cosmos and the questions it calls us to. In Mike’s patterns, portraits, and dreamscapes, there are layers upon layers of meaning, some erased, some covering, some asking you to look deeper, some no longer there but still vibrating with a story that sought not to be forgotten. His use of color, pattern, and form, at times child-like, expresses a joyful spirit and a reverence for the bliss that is inherent in the human experience. He is continually exercising his faith in the transformative power of making things. His work can be considered love notes to the abstract, unknowable future that is all possibility in the present. He invites you to join him on this curious journey to discover more of the unknown.

Mike is creative director of the magazine Tidal, a forum for culture, art, fashion, photography, and music; the pages are defined by their lush, sexy photography, intimate portraits, and splashes of design artistry. His work has been exhibited across the globe in countries such as Germany, Australia, China, Singapore, and Holland with solo shows featured in London, Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles. His foray into the world of animation has been highlighted by his continued work on Comedy Central’s Broad City along with an audio/visual collaborative installation at the Dolby Headquarters in San Francisco as part of their ongoing Artist Series. He has a dozen art & design books in print along with a stint of illustrations for Playboy magazine. When Mike is not sharing his knowledge at the likes of Parsons at the New School, Adobe’s 99U conference, or an 8th grade art class at the World School, he is drinking coffee and painting in his Brooklyn based studio under the watchful gaze of Bass the dog.

The very colourful and comical Mike Perry is a Brooklyn-based artist, animator, creative director, brand consultant, poet and designer, as well as the mastermind behind the animated titles of Comedy Central’s hit television show, Broad City.

2019 ® GR gallery