2020 ® GR gallery

Massimo D’Orta was born in Naples, Italy in 1950 where he still lives and works, dividing his time between creating his artistic output and his work as an art restorer.

As a self taught artist, D’Orta starts painting at a very young age, developing his own very unique style in the 1990’s with his series “Lavagne della Memoria” (Memories Blackboards) . His “Lavagne” series were immediately noticed by renowned art critic Carlo Strinati who, to this date, curates the the artist’s critical essays. Since the very beginning of his collaboration with Mr. Strinati, the artist felt the need to delve deeper into his oeuvre, developing further his style within his genre. After several years of struggle between pictorial styles and questioning his vocation as an artist, D’Orta finally found his perfect balance that he will fully express in his series “ Il Grande Inverno- The Great Winter”.

D’Orta created several impressive set designs for the Archeological Museum in Naples, among which the exquisite ones for the “Stone Age” and “Il Gabinetto Segreto” (Secret Cabinet) pavilions.

His art is a perfect combination of different pictorial styles and from different times in history which smoothly melt one into the other. The end result is a timeless style of painting: his images are cloaked in mystery, almost imperceptible.

Nahmad David
2020 ® GR gallery