2020 ® GR gallery

Masakatsu Sashie is a Japanese artist best known for his orb paintings of fictional world, filled with futuristic warnings about human’s tendencies for environmental dominance and over-consumption. Masakatsu was born in 1974 in city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture. Sashie’s artworks present an imaginary world depicting large, city-like spheres drifting above remains of a destroyed civilization. His gigantic orbs are created out of scraps of old constructions from the Showa-period (period of enlightened peace and harmony, period of radiant Japan during the time of reign of the Shōwa Emperor, Hirohito, from 1926 to 1989) and a pieces of mass production and mass consumption culture.

Selectively absorbing and processing our environment, whether conscious or subliminal, is part of our evolution and results in the composition of who we are, the world we live in, the systems we create and values that are prized.

2020 ® GR gallery