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Jorrit Tornquist (Graz, 1938)



In 1964 he decided to settle in Italy where he acquired citizenship in 1992. Operating within the belief that color is an electromagnetic frequency that combines with the background noise of a place and, as such, is captured by our senses and interferes with our mood, he has combined technology with sensitivity, developing a theory of color of his own, in which the structural-chromatic value combines with the sensitive-affective value. In the early sixties began his interest in research on the first color from a scientific perspective.
Since 1965, major art galleries all over Europe have organized exhibitions of Tornquist. He has also won several awards: in 1967 the prize Wittmann in Vienna in 1968 Eurodomus in Turin in 1970 Trigon 2000 Architecture Prize in 1972 for premium color to Furniture Fair in Monza. He published noumerous books on color theory and perception of space and, since 1980, Tornquist started teaching in many universities such as the European Institute of Design in Milan, Architecture University in Graz, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo and the Politecnico in Milan. In 1986 Jorrit Tornquist participated to the XLII International Biennial of Venice in the exhibition: Art Science and color, together with Veronesi, Le Parc, Munari, Vasarely, Max Bill, Albers, Gerstner and Fontana.
Tornquist has also curated many Color Projects related to the urban environment, among these: the new waste incinerator of ASM Brescia, the filter in Peschiera del Garda, the former Italcementi in Tavernola Lake Iseo and the color of the tunnel Tito Speri in Brescia. Critics and art writers you are interested in working as Tornquist including: Umbro Apollonio, Gillo Dorfles, Luciano Caramel, Wilfred Skreiner Alberto Veca, Walter Titz, Enzo Biffi, Carlo Franza, Christian Holes and Romualdo Inverardi. His exhibition activity, as a color artist-scientist, is conspicuous; he has been included in more than 300 exhibitions. His works have been acquired by several museums in Europe, Japan, South and North America.

“As a good biologist, Tornquist approaches color with the eye of a scientist. So here he is, studying in depth the complex layers that give rise to the pigment, mastering the laws that govern the behavior of light…”

Alberto Pasini
2020 ® GR gallery