2020 ® GR gallery

Dylan Gebbia-Richrads(American, 1992).His sculptural installations result in surreal landscapes that compare to a hyper realistic, microscopic version of the natural world. Creating a ubiquitous body of work by augmenting our perception, Gebbia-Richards’ works’ envelops its audience as they find themselves engaged within a new and dynamic sensory network. Nature plays an important part in Gebbia Richards’ work- used as a basis for juxtaposition to deliver a transcendent effect on the viewer. Scale, colour and form are used to create an inviting, synthetic environment in which the organic is shrouded in an artificial cover. Gebbia Richard’s artistic process is based on combining broad experimentation and focused skilled refinement, which involves melting paraffin wax and combining it with pigments to form a textured landscape.

I see my works as their own landscapes, I allow chance, the driving force behind all natural phenomena, to sculpt the structures of my paintings.

2020 ® GR gallery