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Marcello De Angelis (Villafranca, 1977)



A graduate of the Politecnico of Milan (2003), Marcello De Angelis has participated in various exhibitions and competitions. Since 2001 he has developed his own personal painting technique called Injection Painting: harnessing painting material within a rational order, it is a metaphor for mental flow and the logic of thought, creating a sort of labyrinth realized by injecting acrylic color directly upon the surface of the canvas using syringe needles.
In 2002, De Angelis showed at the 86th collective exhibition “Bevilacqua la Masa of Venice”, and was invited to Milan for the group show “Dieci Artisti da Riconoscere”.
The artist participated in the group exhibition “Burned Children of America” at the Fondazione Villa Benzi di Caerano San Marco (Treviso) in 2004, and in the same year was selected at the 4th National Award for Painting and Sculpture (Novara). In 2005, De Angelis took part in the XX World Youth Day (Cologne), and won First Prize in the 5th Contest For Small Artwork Format 18×24 (Jesolo). Additionally, he participated in the group exhibitions “Senza Trucco” at the Box Art Gallery (Verona) and “Incontro Scontro” at the PaciArte Gallery (Brescia).
In 2006, De Angelis’ work “Sospensione” was selected for the Arte Award by Arte Magazine, and in October 2006 he inaugurated his own personal exhibition at the La Torre Gallery in Milan. In 2007, De Angelis exhibited at the group show “OUT! Emozioni in Movimento” at Chiostri di Santa Catherina in Finalborgo (Savona). November 2007 also saw the showing of his work “Generazione” at the Am Roten Hof Gallery (Vienna). De Angelis’ work “Axis Mundi” was chosen from among 31 artists for the 2008 Segrete di Bocca Award, and another – “Adorazione”- was selected for the 2008 Profilo d’Arte Award by Banca Profilo, and displayed at the Museo della Permanente in Milan.

The starting point in my art is a drawing, a sketch that is re-elaborated by a graphical modeling computer program. I create vector grids made up of lines and tangent curves, sort of geometric shapes which are then transferred on to canvas.

Marcello De Angelis
2019 ® GR gallery